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Archived News

Mar, 2017 Final assembly completes on Proto Type Auto-Throttle.
Feb, 2017 Harlow awarded B-52 wing fitting.
Feb, 2017 Harlow completes engine beam assembly / bulkhead for general aviation customer.
Jan, 2017 DO-178C testing on Harlow Auto-throttle scheduled to complete 4/2017.
Dec, 2016 Training for “Click Bond” certification for F-35.
Oct, 2016 Trainers Certification for J-STD-001 Soldering.
July, 2016 Harlow awarded development purchase order for throttle design for Brazil/ UAE.
July, 2016 Harlow congratulates TAI for being awarded EASA approval for the HURKUS A program.
July, 2016 Harlow has been working with TAI on the development of this aircraft and Throttle Design.
Feb, 2016 Harlow completes installation of MAG III cell for parts in excess of 150 inches.
Dec 21, 2015 Harlow releases machine for 24 hour per day operation.
Dec 18, 2015 Harlow completes three machine Mag I cell.
Nov, 2015 Bobby King Harlow Aerostructures Quality Manager accepts from Charles Prior FAA Aviation Safety Inspector PMA approval for a Harlow Designed Throttle Quadrant.
Oct, 2015 Shop class at West High receives donated material from Harlow.
June, 2015 Harlow awarded contract for the design/ manufacture of a new Military Trainer.
May, 2015 Harlow selected for design and manufacture of a military/ trainer throttle.
Apr, 2015 Harlow purchased a 14 pallet Makino cell to increase capacity to (3) machines running “lights out” 24/7.
Jan, 2015 Harlow purchased a OKUMA vertical mill to cut hard metal/ Titanium.
Nov, 2014 Harlow was recognized on 11/5/2014 by the Wichita Business Journal for innovating aerospace throttle designs and our growth in exporting aerospace assemblies.
June, 2014 Harlow completes first prototype on “AutoThrottle” design and moves into testing phase.
May, 2014 Harlow receives 2014 International Business Excellence Award from the World Trade Council Wichita.
April, 2014 Harlow purchases second Makino Mag 1 to complete a two machine cell adding capacity.
March 2014 Harlow completes design and enters into production on “Single Lever Power Throttle” for turbo prop.
Feb, 2014 Harlow completes design and prototype for Textron/ Airland Scorpion. (trainer)
March, 2013 Harlow purchases Makino Mag 1 to start phase I of adding capacity.
April, 2012 Harlow has purchased a (2) machine (12) pallet Makino Cell for future high speed machining growth to be installed in April 2012.
March, 2012 Harlow has just completed the design and development of the HURKUS Power Control Throttle Quadrant for TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries).
Aug, 2011 Harlow Aerostructures has purchased a Makino MAG 1 to add to our capabilities in High Speed Machining.
June, 2011 Harlow participates with the City of Wichita at the Paris Air Show Harlow signs 480k contract with customer at the show.
May, 2011 Continuing our support of engineering and electrical mechanical engineering, Harlow agrees to sponsor Iowa State Solar Car Team “programming and machining of body molds” Students. from the solar car team met in Wichita and were introduced to N/C programming and machining of their design.
Feb, 2011 Harlow teams with local company on electrical mechanical concept design.
Jan, 2011 Harlow starts new (FADEC) design throttle quadrant.
Oct, 2010 Harlow completes PDR approval for throttle design for International customer.
Oct, 2010 Harlow Aerostructures has invested in Rapid Prototyping to increase Engineering’s ability in both designing and manufacturing. True to life parts that accurately represent the end product enabling Engineering to make crucial decisions during the development cycle saving both time and money.
June, 2010 “Gulfstream recognizes Harlow Aerostructures for quality and delivery performance.”
Feb, 2010 Harlow sponsored the machining of the molds for the Iowa State University Solar car.


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